Get Your Home in Order with Professional Organizing 

JKE Home Reset offers custom solutions to keep your home or business neat and organized. We transform your space to make it beautiful and functional so you can relax and enjoy it once again. 

Serving the Treasure Valley Area including Meridian, Boise, Caldwell, Eagle, and Nampa

Organizing Services and More

From organizing your pantry to designing a functional living space, JKE Home Reset is your go to for home organization. Our experts help you declutter and revamp your home. We also work with businesses to organize offices so you can worry less about the details and focus on what matters. 

Meet Your Professional Organizer

Hi I'm Amber, an Expert in Home Resets.

Meet the ambitious organizers behind JKE Home Reset. Our team works diligently to satisfy our customers and encourage them through every step of the organization process. We love seeing happy clients living their best lives in a clean, organized, and stress-free home.

What is Professional Organizing?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with clutter and just don't know where to start? That's where a professional organizer can make all the difference. We help people organize their homes and businesses with organizational strategies and systems to keep a space clean. Professional organizing is the first step you can take in getting your home or business organized. This will help you clean and declutter what you have. We create the framework for future organization systems to implement in your home or business. 


Professionals have experience working with all types of spaces. They have a creative eye for design, organization, and space planning so you can make the most out of the space you have. Organizing your home includes decluttering and getting rid of unnecessary items, planning the space, finding the right bins, dividers, and baskets, and putting it all together. 


Professional organizing involves both design and aesthetics as well as functionality. Both of these parts are important for you to love your space and keep it looking fresh.

Customer Reviews

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"Amber reorganized our pantry and did a fabulous job on rehabbing my space to work for our family. She gives you many options and price points, such as new baskets, labels, wallpaper options, etc. You won't be disappointed!!!"

- Angel

Organizational Systems in Your Home

Besides putting everything away once, you have to create and keep up with organizational systems. The best way to do this is think of your daily habits and what items in your home you use the most often. High quality organizational systems are easy to follow and effective. It may sound like a great idea to go hang your coat up in your closet every time you get home but that isn’t reasonable for everyday life. Instead, you might have a coat rack by the door for easy storage and so you don’t forget your jacket when you leave for the day. This is an example of an organization system in your home. 


There’s so many organizational systems in your home from where you put dirty clothes to having the coffee maker on the kitchen cabinet. Recognizing and knowing about the most important ones helps you keep your home the way you like it. Take a moment to think about what frustrates you the most about your home that you want to change. Once you know what your problem is, brainstorm different ways you could solve this problem. Is it a one time fix? Does everyone in the family have to make a change? Then you can create an organizational system that will help you fix the issue.

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Why Decluttering is Important

Decluttering has so many benefits it's hard to list them all. In general, decluttering can help improve your mood, stress levels, and sleep. Besides the many health benefits, it is so much nicer to live in a neat space. Having a home that you want to come back to every day will make your life brighter and happier.


Here’s a list of some reasons decluttering is important in all rooms throughout your home.


In the Kitchen

Having a decluttered kitchen makes meal prepping and cooking much easier. Knowing where everything is saves time when making dinner every night or packing lunches for the day. After grocery shopping, if you have a place for everything, then putting away groceries will go by faster. This also prevents you from buying things you don’t need or won’t eat when shopping.


In the Living Room

A tidy living room makes it easier to relax and spend time with your family. Instead of worrying about books and magazines piled up or the toys scattered on the floor, you can live at ease while watching television or playing games with your family. 


In your Bedroom

A clean space makes it easier to sleep and helps you feel refreshed when you wake up instead of groggy and run down. You can sleep well knowing that there isn’t a huge mess for you to clean up later. Plus, keeping your room clean on a daily basis means you don’t have to rush and clean up when you have guests coming over.


In the Office

It’s no secret that an organized desk and work space makes it easier to get things done. If you work from home or have a home office, cleaning up papers and folders will dramatically increase productivity. It saves time having to dig through files and pens to find what you’re looking for. This also applies to virtual folders and documents. Having those organized makes work and organizing important files that much easier.


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