Concierge Move

Are you ready to move into a new home? There's already so much to handle when moving, don't let organizing stress you out. We can help you with decluttering and work closely with movers to ensure that the move goes smoothly. When you're ready to unpack, our team is there to facilitate organizing so you feel calm and at ease when you walk inside your new home.

The house market in the Treasure Valley is booming. If you're relocating within the Treasure Valley or are just arriving in our beautiful city, JKE Home Reset offers the best relocation services to help make your move successful. Imagine moving without having to worry about decluttering your belongings, saving space and time, and starting over with trying to organize everything.


Concierge move services are available to assist you in every step of the way. We help you with decluttering your old home before you even start. This way you have less to pack and less to worry about. After everything is put in boxes and ready to move, we are already getting started on planning out your new space. 

A Fresh Start to Organization

Moving homes can be a wonderful experience. It’s a chance to get rid of old things and bring new energy to your life. A fresh space is most enjoyed when it is clean and organized. Don’t let the big task or arranging your belongings in your new home be put off. Getting this done as soon as you move in creates a sustainable system to keep your home organized for years to come.

Our Promise To You

  • Support throughout whole moving process

  • Space planning for your new home

  • Organization systems set up before moving in

What's Included

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Organizer or Organizers
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Space Planning
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Our team of organizers will help you declutter and unpack. We will create new systems to organize your belongings in your new home and have the space ready for move in before you get there.

We have an eye for design and know the best ways to save space and maximize functionality. Our team will take the potential of your space and turn it into a beautiful and organized home ready for your belongings. 

You may need new products to organize your items. We will find the best ones from storage shelves to baskets and make sure they are ready when you move in.

Product Purchasing
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Our team will help you declutter before packing and unpack efficiently. Unpacking in the right way will ensure you can go from an empty space to an organized home in an instant.

Decluttering and Unpacking

Preparing for a Move

When preparing to move, set aside time before packing to declutter and go through everything in your home. You want to really decide what is worth keeping and what you never use. If you pull out items you forgot you even had, it may be a great time to get rid of it. Some things may be old and worn out and need to be replaced. Think about what you can buy for your new home that you don’t have to move. Throw out or donate your old bedsheets and get new ones to match the design of your new home when you move in. Maybe there’s some kitchen utensils that no longer work or need to be replaced. This is the perfect time to start over in all rooms of your home. 


When organizing, separate things into categories so you can box them up efficiently. Have different boxes for the kitchen and bedrooms and personal items. Also think about what items will go in which rooms in the new home. Keep those together for easier unpacking. Label your boxes clearly with where they go and what is in each one.


Make lists of things you need to get when you move in so you can be prepared. You might also want to create a plan for unpacking so it’s not a free for all as soon as the movers leave. This way you can work your way through the house efficiently. If you’re short on time or energy, unpack the essentials and set aside the next day to get to work. 


Organize As Soon As You Move In

When you organize your belongings when you move in, you avoid the messy middle stage where you don’t know where anything is. For some, this stage never ends and they have a home that’s disorganized and messy all the time. While home organization is always possible, starting the right way will save you so much time and energy. You can create sustainable organizational systems right off the bat and reduce the stress of moving. 


When you’re dealing with selling and buying a home, making sure your belongings are accounted for, and lots of paperwork, organizing may be last on your list. As soon as you tidy up, though, you will feel better about your new home. This is where the professionals come in to help you out. We all need assistance from time to time. It is so worth it when you get the experience of organization, the best tips, and a beautiful home that will be your safe space for years to come.