Home Organizing

Home organization can be life changing. Our team will help you declutter, sort, style, and organize your belongings in any space to give your home a much needed reset. We work with you and your family's space to create the home of your dreams. 

JKE Home Reset is a premier home organization business serving the Boise, Idaho area and beyond. We believe your home should be a place where peace resides and not chaos. You deserve to have a home that provides rest and relaxation even when your life is busy. With our help your home will gain function and organized spaces while being beautifully styled.


Whether you are looking for basic tips for home organization or need someone to walk you through the whole process, consider consulting the professionals. Stop the guessing and your wasted time searching & looking for ideas on social media and online. Our team will provide a tailored solution for you no matter what your space looks like. We provide support and communication throughout to help make your home reset as smooth as possible. 

Maximize Your Space

You may have limited space, but there are unlimited possibilities. We bring a creative eye to your home and find the best solutions for your unique lifestyle. This includes shopping for products like bins and organizers that will help you keep things in their place, but we also focus on the systems to maintain order. If done right, home organization is an investment that will bring clarity and calm to your home and life for years to come.

Our Promise To You

  • Custom organization and storage solutions for all spaces

  • Attention to detail 

  • Sustainable organizational systems that last

  • Amazing results

What's Included

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Organizer or Organizers
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Space Planning
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Product Purchasing
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Someone from our team will come to your home to assist you with the whole organizing process. We do everything it takes to make you satisfied with your home, from consultations to proposing storage solutions, to folding, organizing, and putting items away ourselves.

You’ll get an initial consultation that will help us find solutions for your space. We look to see what you have and where you could add more storage and functionality. 

We bring organizational products from baskets and bins to drawer organizers to your home. We’ll test each item and see what works and what doesn’t. Our team will pick out products that match your style and your home.

After the decluttering process, you’ll have some items you want to get rid of. We will drop them off at the local donation center so you don’t have to.

Donation Drop-Off

Tips for Organizing Your Home

There are plenty of things to think about when organizing your home. If you go in without a plan, it could lead to a massive fail. Start small and dedicate time to organizing before you get started. Here are some tips to consider to help make organizing as smooth as possible.


  • Pick a room to start in and begin in one area. If you decide to organize your home office, start with the desk first, then move to the shelves, then another area. This way you can get it all done efficiently without it seeming like a huge task. 

  • Give yourself enough time to get it done. If you’re working around a busy schedule, it’s okay to do it in parts. Try to get one room done this weekend and another next weekend.

  • Organize your items into piles. First decide what you can get rid of or donate. Anything you don’t use or don’t need is only wasting space. Then, figure out what items you use the most and make sure they are stored in accessible spaces.

  • Look for potential space savers. Maybe you’re not utilizing vertical space or wall space. There are tall shelves and racks or hanging storage containers that can be placed in areas you frequent the most. These storage solutions can open up a room and make it feel lighter.

  • Clean as you go. Make sure you bring an all purpose cleaner and a rag to wipe off any surfaces as you organize. This will ensure everything is not only organized but deep cleaned and make you feel so much better when it’s done.

  • Consider labeling bins or baskets. If you have shelves with lots of bins, you can print labels for them so you always know where things are. This is useful for families in places multiple people use like the kitchen.

Which Rooms Should I Organize?

When thinking about organizing your home, it may be daunting to look at your whole house and try to find a way to clean it all. It’s better to start with one room and work your way through the house. Part of our process is determining where to start. To figure this out, you should think about what rooms cause you the most problems. What items can you never find? What room do you avoid because of the mess? What areas of your home are most visible to you and your guests? Where do you spend the most time?


You can start in any room and work your way through the whole house. If you leave the first room truly satisfied with your work, then you’ll be motivated to continue. Some popular rooms to start are the entryway and living room because this is what you see first when coming home. You could choose your bedroom to sleep better and have a relaxing space to yourself. The kitchen is always a great place to start because it gets a lot of the hardest work out of the way. Lastly, if you have a home office, that is another place to start so you can work more productively throughout the day.