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Getting Your Pantry Ready for Guests This Holiday Season

The kitchen pantry can be a nightmare if it’s not clean. Now is the time to organize it before you host guests for the holidays!

Organizing your pantry not only gives you more space, but it also makes cooking and preparing meals so much easier.

If you need to tidy up, consider trying out some new storage ideas. Here are some tips to freshen up your pantry organization before hosting.

Get Uniform Containers

Decanting food into uniform containers helps you save space on shelves. They easily stack and look neater together in your pantry.

Clear containers are good for cereal, pasta, and crackers. Having baskets to keep things in also helps minimize loose chip bags falling everywhere or small snacks from getting thrown around.

Make Labels

Labels are a great way to know where everything is and helps the rest of your family keep organized. Labeling your plastic bins is an easy step that will help your pantry stay organized after you clean it the first time.

Labels don’t have to be boring! There are plenty of ways to make nice, clean labels that are just as aesthetic as they are functional.

Use Door and Wall Space

Make use of all the space you can, especially vertical space. You can find over the door hangers or baskets for cans, bottles, or other things you don’t have shelf space for. Have a blank wall? You could install a spice rack or thin shelves. Having hooks behind your pantry door is useful for hanging aprons or shopping bags.

Get Creative With Organizers

Different organization products can work well in different areas of your pantry. If you have small bottles or other smaller items you want to have easy access to, a lazy susan is a great choice. You can also find under shelf baskets for even more storage space. There are so many different kinds of bins and baskets to choose from. With some determined shopping, you can find the ones that are perfect for your pantry.

Have a Separate Kid Area

If you have kids, consider keeping their snacks in one bin where they can get to them easily. This way they can get them on their own and have a dedicated space to look for them. It also keeps your other shelves clear and gives you a place to keep lunchbox items and afternoon snacks.

Sometimes You Need a Full Reset

If your pantry really needs a makeover, it may be a sign you need a full reset. This means taking everything out, cleaning out shelves, categorizing items, and putting everything back in neat bins and baskets.

If you’re looking for help, JKE Home Reset is an expert in full resets of your kitchen or just your pantry!

Maintain Your Pantry

Now that your pantry is clean and organized, you want to keep it that way! A decluttered and functional pantry is not only for the holiday season.

A good way to maintain an organized pantry is to do a quick reset each week. At the start of each week or when you go grocery shopping make sure everything is in place so it will stay clean the rest of the week. Having a dedicated restock time also helps to maintain your organization systems.

Sometimes things have to be moved around or changed, and that is okay! Organization is flexible and changes with your busy life. Make sure that whatever you do is something that works for you and your family.

With these tips, you’ll be on your way to a neat and tidy pantry that will wow guests!

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