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Keep Your Home Clean This Christmas

Over the holidays you should be spending time relaxing and enjoying your family’s company. It’s hard to think about relaxing when you’re trying to manage fall cleaning, prepare for Christmas, and entertain guests all at once.

With a little dedication, you can create the clean and organized home you want for Christmas. Here are some tips for decluttering, decorating, and taking down everything after the holidays.

Now is the Perfect Time to Declutter

As you get ready to exchange gifts and celebrate the holidays with your family, take the time to go through your stuff and see if there’s anything you can get rid of.

Go through one area of your home like the closet and get rid of anything that you haven’t worn in a year. You can start fresh in the kitchen by organizing your pantry or cleaning out all the drawers.

If clutter is really piling up in your home, ask your kids to donate an old toy or something they haven’t used in a while to make room for all the new gifts under the tree.

Keep It Simple With Decorations

If you’re not a huge fan of decorating, you don’t have to go all out to have a beautiful home that’s nicely decorated. Simple wreaths, boughs, and holly make great decorations and are easy to find.

Pick a day and get your family to pitch in putting up decorations so you can be done faster. If you like to set up decorations the same every year, take photos and write down notes to make the process smooth every year.

If you don’t like having the same decorations every year, try swapping some with a friend or family member instead of buying new ones.

When you put decorations up, consider taking some of your regular decorations down and putting them in the same bins your Christmas decorations were in. That way you can just swap them out again when you clean up.

Prepare for Guests

If you have guests coming over, you can quickly prepare by focusing on the rooms they will be in the most. Walk through your home pretending to be a guest and see what stands out.

Pay attention to any clutter on tabletops or dressers and make sure the guest room doesn’t have anything lying around. It’s also a good idea to take some time to go through the bathroom and clear out anything you don’t want guests rummaging through.

Cleaning Up After the Holidays

Many people keep their decorations up to enjoy even after Christmas, but it’s important to take them down before they get in the way. Having a plan for after the holidays makes cleaning up less stressful.

Store lights, ornaments, and wreaths in separate containers with clear labels so you can find them easily next year. You can separate ornaments and store them in plastic bags based on size or color.

If you don’t have a way to store lights, you can wrap them around leftover cardboard or wrapping paper tubes and cut a slit to weave the end of the lights through. If you want to keep gift tags, put them all in a small box so you don’t have to find more next year.

Need a Last Minute Gift?

You can surprise your family with a home reset from JKE Home Reset! Consider a garage reset for your husband or a kitchen reset for your busy sister. The gift of a clean and organized home is one that will truly be appreciated. Contact JKE Home Reset to learn more!

In all the chaos of the holidays, try to stay calm and remember that this is a time to enjoy friends and family. Happy Holidays from JKE Home Reset!

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