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The Best Drawer Organization Systems That Work

Drawers are an integral space in your home for storage. From the bathroom to the kitchen to your bedrooms, there are drawers everywhere.

Shoving everything in drawers may be easy, but actually having a place for all your items can be more challenging.

Utilizing your drawer space is important to maintain a clean and organized home. But, you need to keep the drawers neat and tidy to get the most use out of them.

Here are some tips on how to organize drawers and find ways to keep them clean.

How to Organize Your Drawers

If you want to reset your home, drawers are a great place to start.

The first step is to take everything out of a drawer or drawers. Then you can wipe down and clean the drawers.

Go through your stuff and decide what is necessary and what you don’t use. Paring down your items will make it easier to reorganize the drawer.

In the kitchen, you may have bowls that could be stored in an upper cabinet because you never use them. Or you may find broken utensils that you could throw away.

Before putting anything back in the drawer, find drawer organizers or dividers to help sort items. Small plastic bins are great in the bathroom for hair accessories or makeup. Large dividers can help separate folded clothes in a dresser.

Then, you can categorize everything you have and place it all back inside using the organizers.

Finding the Best Drawer Dividers

There are many different types of drawer dividers and organizers, so how do you know which ones are best for you?

First, make sure you know the measurements of your drawers so you can find ones that fit. Then figure out which kind of divider you want.

Some dividers are adjustable to fit snugly in whatever drawer. Other organizers have pre-made compartments to organize items.

You can shop online or look in stores to find organizers that are best for whatever drawers you are organizing.

Tips for The Kitchen

In the kitchen, adjustable dividers are great for a utensil drawer or when you need to make compartments of odd sizes.

You can use deep drawers to stack dishes or pots and pans. This is a great way to use that vertical space, but be sure to have dividers so everything stays put.

Organizing the Bathroom

Small plastic bins are great for bathroom drawers because you can find them in different sizes. Larger ones can be great for hair products and smaller ones for odds and ends like cotton swabs or nail polish.

Utilize the Whole Drawer

Sometimes you have extra space in the back of a drawer or you have a deep drawer but aren’t filling the top space.

In these cases, you can put organizers in the back and store items that you don’t need to get to often. It keeps them out of the way but still in their own place.

If you are trying to organize deep drawers, you can use small stacking shelves or stacking drawers to put more items in the bottom. You still have easy access to the top but are taking up all the space you have.

Have a Junk Drawer

Junk drawers are great for putting random items all together instead of scattered everywhere. You may have an office junk drawer with tape, receipts, paper clips, and other small items.

Don’t have a place to keep batteries or a flashlight? Put it in the junk drawer. Be sure to have multiple compartments in your junk drawer to keep similar items together.

This can help you keep track of odds and ends and catch everything that doesn’t have its own space.

Keeping Drawers Clean

The best way to keep your drawers neat is to put things where they belong every time you use them. We know this can be hard to do especially if you have lots of your to do list and little time.

Setting aside time every week to go through and tidy up your drawers can really help. You have a chance to put things back in their place and take out anything you don’t need.

Another way to keep drawers clean is to minimize what you put in them. The less stuff you have, the easier it is to keep organized. When organizing for the first time, really think about how much you use every item you have.

If you don’t know where to start, get in touch with a professional organizer who can guide you through the whole organization process. JKE Home Reset is a pro at organizing all your drawers. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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