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As a wife, mother of three, and wearer of many hats, I totally understand how crazy and stressful life gets around the house. It doesn't seem possible to keep anything neat and organized! But believe it or not, taking the chaos of a disorganized home and introducing a level of sanity with easy systems is my passion.​ I look forward to coming along side you to give you a total "JKE Home Reset".

I have a background in interior design, but wanted to branch out and help people simplify their lives through organization. Taking a mess and turning it into something orderly gives me so much satisfaction. I love to give your home functional organization while adding a touch of beautiful design. Seeing the impact my organizational systems have on my clients' lives, however, brings me the most joy. I love helping people get rid of the clutter and bring peace to their lives. Contact me for more information on our home organizing, signature design and concierge move services and let's reset your space. 

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Getting Organized is Simple With JKE Home Reset

Let us show you how we can transform your home into a beautiful and organized space. Our team of experts is excited to get started on organizing your home.